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19-year-old Isa-Bella fights for self-confidence in a bikini

Photo: twitter / theLymphieLife

Everyone should love themselves the way they are

19-year-old Isa-Bella is ill. She suffers from Parkes-Weber syndrome. Hide yourself therefore? No way! Isa-Bella is fighting for more self-confidence.

The media are full of beautiful people: actresses, singers, presenters, models, ... - on television and in magazines. But what if you do not comply with the common ideal of beauty? Neither the belly of Lena Gercke nor the legs of Toni Garrn has? What is more, what if they do not equal the medial picture due to illness?

Isa-Bella is 19 years old and a beautiful girl. But Isa-Bella is sick. She suffers from Parkes-Weber syndrome - a hereditary disease that swells her right leg to twice his size. Hide yourself therefore? No way! Isa-Bella stands by her body - herself and her flaw. "I will not let anyone take the sun just because he's blinded, so they should put on sunglasses and I was born that way, " she writes under a photo showing her in a bikini.

Http:// Meet Isa-Bella Leclair, a young woman with an inspiring and beautiful take on living with a ...

- the Lymphie Life (@TheLymphieLife) June 12, 2015

The 19-year-old student has been suffering from Parkes-Weber syndrome since birth, can not play sports or wear figure-hugging clothing. Not infrequently, she has to deal with questioning looks coming out of school with tear-stained eyes. Today, a few years later, she has accepted herself and her illness. She says: "I do not define myself through my illnesses and do not let me stop wearing a bikini or a nice dress." Isa-Bella feels good. "When people see someone who feels comfortable in their body, they do not feel pity but admire it."

Every person should start to love themselves. "It's very important that people with health problems not only work to get better, but also work to love and accept themselves, " the 19-year-old told Telegraph. A wonderful message and a wonderful girl.