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10 reasons to listen to your stomach

Gut feeling: your inner GPS

Your gut feeling is right: 10 "‰ Reasons why you should listen to your belly in love.

double brain

An insight that is not based on reflection is called intuition, inner voice or gut feeling.

Your inner GPS: abdominal feeling
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  1. Just a feeling
  2. Yes or no?
  3. Clever in sleep
  4. Head or number?
  5. Like lightning
  6. Singles have too high demands?
  7. Secret infidelity
  8. Girl Power
  9. The know-it-all
In fact, biologically more than 100 million nerve cells in the abdomen form a kind of "second brain".

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Just a feeling

Ninety percent of our decisions have nothing to do with rational thinking, said neuroscientist Prof. Victor Lamme. They are influenced by subconscious factors such as emotions and things that we can not control.

Yes or no?

Sex on the first date - good idea or not? Even with such far-reaching decisions, you can rely on your gut feeling with a clear conscience - advises at least the social psychologist Ap Dijksterhuis. The researcher from the Netherlands found out: Anyone who makes complex decisions intuitively is usually happier with it afterwards.

Clever in sleep

Has your girlfriend ever advised you to "sleep over it" when you had a fight with your loved one? The phrase is actually something: After a long pondering you should distract yourself - or let a night pass. The next day, the insight often comes naturally, explains Ap Dijksterhuis.

Head or number?

An urgent decision must be made, but your stomach is speechless? Throw a coin! According to the risk researcher Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer, we know in principle which side should not be at the top and what we really want - before we discover the result. If the wrong side is up, only the self-bluff will help.

Like lightning

We do not need five seconds - longer to know if we like someone or not. That's what the single portal Dating Café found out. In this period, we wink twice ... Believe in yourself

Singles have too high demands?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! According to psycho-coach Joanna Scott, we are alone because we do not listen enough to our instincts - and too much on the well-intentioned advice of our family and friends.

Secret infidelity

He's cheating on her? Her belly is not! A team of researchers from several US universities sent loyalty questionnaires to 200 couples and found that if women strongly suspected that their partner was a stranger, most supporters later confirmed that. The legendary hit rate of the backcountry: 80 percent!

Girl Power

A survey by the research institute Konso confirms the proverbial "feminine intuition": While only 55 percent of men listen to their inner voice when making important decisions, women account for 71 percent.

The know-it-all

Sometimes our guts screams to be heard! For example, if your date causes you goosebumps, your stomach may have accepted the man, psychiatrist Judith Orloff explains. If, on the other hand, your shoulders are tense, if you feel a knot in your stomach, or if you raise your hair on the hackles, your belly will tell you: "Please look for the space very quickly!"

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